Saturday, May 19, 2012

Planting for Memorial Day

   Planting flowers on the graves of my family is something that I love to do.  Bay Port Cemetery is pretty small and so many of the graves are of people I am related to.  The more research I do the more connections I find.  Picking the right plants is always a challenge as we aren't always around to water so they must be drought resistant and heat tolerant.  Some graves are more in the shade than others so that also has to be considered.

Caroline and Frederick Conger, my great grandparents.
    My Grandma Caroline loved yellow.  My grandma told me this when I was a little girl.  I try to plant yellow flowers on her grave every year.  Its difficult finding any flowers that thrive in this location as it doesn't get a lot of sun and there is an oak tree that drops its acorns.  Many plants don't like this.  I planted coreopsis and oregano last year.  Oregano isn't yellow but my mom says her grandma was a wonderful cook so I thought she mike like it.  Both look like they made it through the winter so I also added some thyme, which is also a perennial herb.  Both oregano and thyme will spread, which is what I am hoping.

Ada M. Conger
   Aunt Ada's grave has lily of the valley planted around it.  This is a very hardy and somewhat invasive plant and is perfect for the spot.  The graves here are surrounded by a cement edging which should keep the invasive plants somewhat corralled.
Lily of the Valley
 This plant is invasive, hardy and poisonous but the flowers smell absolutely heavenly.  It's distinctive smell is found in many perfumes.
View of the back part of the cemetery.
   Where I was standing taking this picture M-142 is at my left and behind me is M-25.  M-142 takes you to pigeon and M-25 goes right through Bay Port.
Beatrice and Elmer Wilfong, my grandparents.
 My grandma liked pink and rose.  I always plant pink geraniums here.  The bacopa is a low growing trailing plant usually found in hanging planters.  It creates a white carpet when planted like this.  I just love the effect.  I hope you like it too grandma.
William Weeks, my dad.
 I try to plant more masculine looking flowers on my dad's grave.  This year I planted an orangish million bells which looks like tiny petunias and spreads out beautifully.  I also planted coleus, which is just beautiful foliage and very drought resistant and more white bacopa.  I also put a spike in front of the flag and a low growing sunflower is tucked in next to the stone on the right.  It will only get about to the height of the stone .
Taking care of the graves is quality family time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 1940 U.S. Census

Article from the Baltimore Sun about the importance of the 1940 Census information, when the United States was on the verge of war that would claim the lives of so many.,0,1795325.story

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elmer Thomas Wilfong 1904-1969
Bob Thick

Caroline Conger with Ada (Lobdell) Conger.

Monday, July 11, 2011